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Chronic Pain
The Science behind it

What we think affects how we feel

The first reaction of most clients, when I suggest the role of emotions in their discomfort, is that their problem is strictly physical and not psychological.

I can even get quite an angry response, as if I was suggesting that their pain is all in their head.

The truth is that the body and mind are in constant inter-action,

but even if the discomfort was purely physical, we can still use mental powers in speeding up recovery.




Every cell in our body (over 50 trillions!) has receptors located on the cell membrane, whose job is to react to signals of our environment. The signals can be exterior like  chemicals, traumas, stress etc  as well as interior, like negative thoughts and feelings.

From a scientific perspective, a thought consists of the transmission of electrochemical impulses throughout a network of brain cells called neurons.They connect with each other and release chemicals called neurotransmitters throughout the body.


Whenever a thought goes, a chemical, a neuro-peptide, goes with it.

It is then distributed at the cellular level. So, our “mind”  is located throughout our body and not just in our head! (That’s the idea behind goose bumps).

Every cell responds to every thought, emotion and even word we speak! careful what you say! Your body is listening!


This complex connection between mind and body not only keeps things working properly but can also have negative effects on your health.


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The effect of Stress on the body

In times of stress a part of the nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system takes over and secretes neurotransmitters such as adrenaline which  causes your heart rate and blood pressure to increase as well as your digestion to shut down. The sympathetic nervous system is so interconnected with the organs in your body that the effects of stress can be profound.


Another pathway between mind and body is called the HPA: Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal axis. The hypothalamus is affected by thoughts and emotions. It connects with the pituitary gland and the adrenal gland. One important hormone secreted by the adrenal gland in times of stress is cortisol. Cortisol increases blood sugar levels and blood pressure. High levels of cortisol can put stress on other organs and contribute to disease.


The important point is that the stress coming from the nervous system originates as a series of thoughts in the brain. These thoughts are physical things and can elicit a physical effect on the body.



Every cell in our body is aware and has full intelligence of the others.

Every cell is in constant communication with our thoughts, desires, beliefs...


The science of psycho-neuro-immunology studies the effects of the mind

on the body. Mind-body healing has been shown to be effective in a host of

illnesses and diseases such as migraines, IBS, ME, Bad Backs and many other complaints.


Dis-ease, pain, are not a punishment but a message

from our unconscious mind that something is not balanced and needs to change.

If you break your leg while playing football, you “need” the pain to make sure you stop running and stop doing more stopping you driving on a flat tyre!

The pain from the broken leg is easy to understand but 75% of visits to GPs are for “Functional Disorders”: we suffer real symptoms but with no detectable physical causes.

Often, all the GP can do is administer chemicals to suppress the symptoms...

A bit like taking the battery out of a noisy fire alarm.....


Doctors might get scared to ask about emotional issues behind a chronic problem because they are worried

to open a Pandora’s box and suddenly have several problems instead of one.

Even Psychiatrists have become psycho-pharmacologists, treating the effect, not the cause.




 What are Symptoms?

A Symptom is a message telling us something needs to change

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We need to understand that our thoughts affect our body. We are not surprised to blush when embarrassed or have a racing heart when scared...We even accept that sad thoughts can physically cause tear ducts to open!! But we can’t believe that anger or rejection can impact our body also!


1. FINDING the POSITIVE  INTENTION  behind the problem: what is it telling me? What is it a sign of? What is missing in my life that I need to compensate for?


2. START the HEALING  PROCESS by bringing awareness and re-balancing  at the Energy level.



Just to keep repeating affirmations like “I am pain free, I am fit and healthy

is not enough. We can consciously declare we want to be free of pain but if the pain is doing something for us , at the unconscious level,then this powerful unconscious part of us will keep this pain for us.


I often encounter resistance when I ask my clients:
“What is this pain doing for you? What is the positive intention behind this message?”

This can be a very hard concept to accept but we need to ask these questions in order to release the “need” for the pain.





What have emotions got to do with pain??

The word “emotion” means to move out. An emotion is an energy that craves expression. We have often been told to suppress and deny our feelings, like fear or anger, which then creates toxic chemistry in the body.

The energy behind what you think and feel does not just disappear if it is repressed!

However, we do not have to get rid of the fear, the anger or get better, we just have to get rid of our Resistance to feeling them.

To heal, we have to embrace all parts of us: Heal comes from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning WHOLE, making whole again.

To do this, we have to accept and recognize emotions that have been stuck in the body, observe them objectively, without judgement and have a willingness to let them go.




The tools of Eye Movement Desensitisation,EFT, Energy Work, Hypnosis, Visualisation are powerful  means to allow you to heal.


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