Conscious & Unconscious Mind

The conscious is what is in our awareness at this precise moment... Which is surprisingly very little! We can only be aware of about 7 (+ - 2) things at once or we would become inundated with too many stimuli!

Everything else belongs to the unconscious mind.

The unconscious, or subconscious mind, is the storehouse of our memories.

It is concerned with everything we do automatically (from changing gear while driving, tying a shoe lace etc) and also, our autonomic responses (like breathing, digestion, hormone release etc)


Our unconscious is much more powerful  than our conscious, as it deals with our survival. It’s job is to protect us from getting hurt. If it perceives a threat, it will do all it can to stop us going there by activating the Fight or Flight response.


Why positive thinking is not enough

Our conscious, our will power, our analytical mind, can create positive thoughts: “I am calm...I sleep well at night” etc


Our unconscious is a record of ” actions-reactions” that have been learnt through experience or instinct and  have been memorised.

It stores these programmed behaviours and  replays automatically the same reactions for the same signals. It is programmed to make decisions similar to what is already in its data base.

It just repeat what’s on the tape!


For example, if your conscious mind, wants to feel calm and focused during an interview but your unconscious mind has already programmed memories of failure, anxiety or associations of discomfort, then you will probably panic as this is the blue print your unconscious mind is following.


By working on all levels , by following a holistic approach, we  get to the root of these beliefs & change them.