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Solutions to improve Your Life

Get rid of Traumas, PTSD, phobias with this new Software using Eye Movement Desensitisation. One to one sessions to flush out traumatic memories, nightmares, flashbacks    


We are Energy
Energy Re-Balancing

Each cell in the body has a distinguish energy that can be tested: MRI scans (magnetic resonance imaging) do just that.




Some Techniques we might use:

These exercises are very simple but effective. For £5 only, you can buy my Dvd with all the  Energy Exercises explained & demonstrated.

How can this Tool help you?

• Imprinted memories

• Buried emotions are still within us

Threats to our survival are imprinted in our mind but also in our energy body and if repressed, they may create symptoms.


We can do simple exercises to release old traumas by holding neuro-vascular points that let the body come out of the Fight or Flight response it got stuck in.

Then, we anchor positive alternatives using specific acupressure points which will carry the message to the energy system via Meridians.

Memory gets coded in chakras like in neurons. Every experience is imprinted. There may be conflict between chakras (like between the  heart and head) and they can also be locked into the past, into old traumas.


Each chakra has a different frequency of vibration. You can rebalance your chakras and release old patterns, old traumas/fears. You can remove toxic energy to leave you more centred, grounded.

• Our Energy Centres

Working at the Energy level is essential for permanent change.

If your energies are going backwards, no matter how good a psychotherapy session you might have, your body still won’t allow you to go forward.