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Traumas and fears can stay locked in the brain, like an emotional scar.


This particular technique can re-programme your neurological pathways by allowing the trauma to be ‘flushed out’ of your system.


Eye Pattern Desensitisation
Bilateral Stimulation

By breaking down the ‘trauma’ into manageable chunks, you can remain calm so the Neo cortex, the thinking brain, can be involved and evaluate the danger in the present, the here and now.

The event then goes from the cortex to the narrative/ long term memory.

It might remain a ‘bad memory’ but without the high alert that has been so disrupting.





The phobic/ traumatised brain is stuck in a highly emotional state, isolated in its

very own neural network so rational thought, self help talk etc do not get through.


Eye Pattern desensitisation is an effective way to break that hold,

to get you out of the emotional hijack your brain was stuck in


Read more about ‘the traumatised brain’’

We perceive reality through our personal templates then we attribute meaning depending on those templates. But the template can be faulty, stuck in the past.

• Change your Templates

Make new Associations

Any stored information can be used to desensitise a situation: a current event, a memory, imagined events or a dream even...Then you can tell your brain you are safe now.

The brain can get stuck in the past, not understanding that the danger may have passed. It still reacts as if under threat.

• Past & Present

BILATERAL STIMULATION  activates the limbic system  (the emotional brain) and Neo-Cortex

(the rational brain)

Allowing them to communicate with each other so they can release old ways of thinking.


With the tool of a specifically designed software, we use eye movements and other forms of bilateral stimulation

sound/touch, from left to right and right to

left, to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain.



This allows you to stay focused on the present while re-experiencing emotions that belong to the past and this triggers a reorganising of the traumatic memory/ limiting behaviour.

We then use the same technique to enter new, more appropriate data.


This is done using a computer software which is designed specifically to induce bilateral stimulation on a visual, auditory and tactile mode.

The artificially induced REM - Rapid Eye Movement-  keeps you focused on the present while a part of the brain access the  trauma in a safe, dissociated state.


One that is re-coded as being in the past.


That was then... This is now



Emotional Hijacking

Get rid of Traumas, PTSD, phobias with this new Software using Eye Movement Desensitisation. One to one sessions to flush out traumatic memories, nightmares, flashbacks