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This response is an unconscious, automatic mechanism of our primitive back brain, our survival centre.

It prepares the body to either face a perceived threat and fight, or flee to safety.

Fight- Flight or Freeze

Adrenaline and Cortisol, the stress hormones, are released in the blood to help us cope.

Numerous physiological changes occur during this stress reaction.

Here are just few of them:

Our Primitive Survival Mechanism: The Response Stage: The ‘Freeze’ Option:

Like rabbits can freeze in the headlights of a car, we can get stuck/ freeze, focused on the source of threat.

We can sometimes remain in freeze mode, paralysed, dumb, insensitive to stimuli. This can happen specially if an escape route was blocked.

We are in a state of shock. Like with the other ‘options’ of fighting or fleeing, to remain healthy, we must discharge the vast energies mobilised for survival, so our body and mind can find balance again.

Our Alarm Response:

To allow us to discharge  those stress hormones which flooded the body, the alarm stage should be followed by the RESPONSE  STAGE: If you kill the tiger or escaped, the stress hormones are released and everything calms down, no long term effect  as you have responded actively to the stressful situation….neutralized it.

But if you can’t take immediate action on,the stress hormones stay in your blood.

All stressed up and nowhere to go!

This Fight or flight reaction is made for short term use only. Otherwise, we’re on the road to fatigue,  nightmares, flashbacks etc and when the body runs out of  energy, we end up with physical, mental and emotional EXHAUSTION and  BURN OUT.

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