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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind which brings a state of relaxation & suggestibility as you by-pass the conscious, analytical mind.




To be in a state of relaxation is the opposite to being in a state of stress

Stress activates the SYMPATHETIC nervous system... read more

• Mental Rehearsing- Hypnosis

• Conscious & Unconscious Mind

Our unconscious can deal with 20 millions stimuli per second...

Our conscious mind can deal with only 40 stimuli per second... Read more

Why is Relaxation so Important?

We learn by passing information from neurons to neurons...

Neurons (Brain cells) that are fired often, make more connections and strengthen new ones: Learning is making new ‘pathways’ in the brain... Read more


How can this Tool help you?

The deepest trance is when we dream at night. We have all experienced a dream when things seem so real.

When we dream, during the REM sleep (rapid eye movement), we do not distinguish between real or simulated reality.


The same REM state is attained while in hypnosis. So we can rehearse a situation while relaxed and the body and brain response will be the same, whether the experience is real or imagined….

Allowing the mind to mentally create new templates in the brain.

Deepest Trance
Some Techniques we might use:
Relaxation & Hypnosis