The Tool of Visualisation & Hypnosis - Mental Rehearsing

We learn by passing information from neurons to neurons...

Neurons (Brain cells) that are fired often, make more connections and strengthen new ones: Learning is making new ‘pathways’ in the brain.



So. one way to learn is simply  through practice and repetition (like doing the  scales on the piano) but we can also learn through mental rehearsing/ visualisation/hypnosis.


When we imagine something (good or bad!) the brain does not know if it’s true or imagined. It will react as if it’s real.


The scary thing is that we often do this mental rehearsal... but in a negative way(ie worrying  about a forthcoming exam or confrontation).


Let’s use this ability of the brain to learn..for our benefit! Our Unconscious Mind is programmed to make decisions similar to what is already in its data base.. Let’s put in some different data!

Let’s put in the things we WANT, not the data we DON’T want.

We don’t go shopping with a list of things we don’t need!!