Meridians are energy pathways.

Western science has now shown, via infrared photography, what Eastern medicine has known for thousands of years:

Meridians transport energy into, through and out of the body. We can access them via special Potent points or Acupuncture points, which are energy dots that can be stimulated to release or distribute energy along those pathways.


Some of these points are accessible on the back. arms, hands, neck and head.

Certain pressure points may feel tender which could indicate either a congestion or depletion of energy on that pathway. Because our body is in use 24/7, it needs regular maintenance or repairs to work efficiently.


Any type of "dis-ease" is a sign that the energy within the meridian system is out of balance. When a meridian is blocked, one part of the body is getting too much  chi/energy while another part is getting too little.


Dis-ease will show first at the energy level before showing at the physical level:


In Japan, government employees are screened during their annual medicals for healthy meridians, only the ones with abnormal meridians readouts are required to go for further test.