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Mind your Body Approach

We often hide our emotions, for different reasons: the stiff upper lip, not manly to show weakness ..or just  too scary to look in the cupboards full of skeletons!

It’s often not  Politically Correct to show anger or even grief!


If we think we can’t deal with emotions then we repress them...but it’s not because we bury emotions that we are not still carrying them (often in our back!)


We store the trauma’ in our body. (Trauma can just mean the unresolved feeling). We contract muscles or organs where that memory is stored. We clamp down in the area that we tightened at the time of event.

This can happen in the


This is why pain is often chronic: we deal with the outside manifestation , the ‘Symptom’ using pain relief or manipulations or even surgery. But if we don’t deal with the reasons behind the imbalance in the first place, then the ‘dis-ease’ can come back.









The word “e-motion” means to move out. An emotion is an energy that craves expression. We have often been told to suppress and deny our feelings, like fear or anger, which then creates toxic chemistry in the body.


The energy behind what you think and feel does not just disappear just because it is repressed!

Why should I offer Psychotherapy and  energy work?

The link between emotions and physical health has been recognized since Antiquity, yet only recently has science verified that a connection exists.

We are not surprised to blush (a physical manifestation) when embarrassed ( an emotion) or have goose bumps when scared but we find it hard to believe that guilt or resentment can impact our body also.  


Wherever a thought goes, a chemical goes with it:

We need to understand that our thoughts affect our body.  Neuro-peptides are messenger

molecules that carry signals (external or internal, like emotions) from brain to body... actually, to every cell in our body!  Including digestive system, immune system, endocrine and nervous system.  


Our mind is all over our body, not just in our head, and what we think  affect how we feel.



Holistic means  that in order to ‘Heal’-To become whole- we have to work on all parts of us.





They are powerful solutions on their own but when combined, you can really let go of stuff that you have been carrying round for too long.  And keeping stuff hidden takes a lot of energy.


Energy that could be spent in better ways, don’t you think!?

An Holistic Approach