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We live in a fast changing environment and we are constantly trying to adapt. Our human brain, however, can respond to situations in a still very primitive way.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, we had to deal with threats that were simple but very dangerous, (like attacks from wild animals) Those physical threats could come very suddenly, so humans had to respond very fast to survive.

This is why, when we feel threatened, we go automatically into the FIGHT  or FLIGHT response.

During this alarm stage, all sorts of changes occur:

This is why we might feel shaky, as the legs and arms are ready for action, we can have digestive problems or “butterflies” in the stomach, feel sick, our blood pressure increases and breathing speeds up, leaving us hyperventilating...

So you might ask : “what has this to do with the feeling I get while shopping or going into a lift?”

This alarm stage is to help us survive an immediate threat, to run or fight. However, even if the threat is non-physical, our body responds as if it were!

For our survival, our unconscious mind, which deals with our automatic responses, ANCHORS feelings and emotions (specially if the situation is highly emotional), so next time a similar situation occurs, it automatically fires up the same neurons, causing like a trip-wire to go off.

Its job is to protect you from something dangerous. Then the unconscious mind can start

PATTERN  MATCHING  to other situations. For example,  if someone was anxious after a car crash, they might not go into any car, then any  vehicle, like trains or tubes,  then ,they might stop walking up the road or going to the shops and finally not come out of their house.

It has now become a SLOPPY PATTERN  MATCH.

When you’re having a panic attack or feel very anxious, you might feel you can’t think properly or that it’s totally irrational. It is very difficult to think clearly when highly emotional because the part of the brain  you think with, is inhibited…  very primitive part of the brain, the Amygdala, is involved in the “faster than thought” process, designed for survival. It has been termed  EMOTIONAL  HIJACKING .

Please read my pages on ‘Traumas & PTSD’ and ‘Fears & Phobias’ as the brain mechanism is the same as in creating a Panic Attack.


What most sufferers of panic attacks fear most is having another attack!

So we need to desensitise either the original attack or one that is perceived as a particular traumatic one.

Eye Pattern Desensitisation, EFT, NLP, visualisation tools help get your thinking brain involved again, so you realise you are not in danger, they puts things back into perspective and tell your emotional brain to put its guard down.

Please read my pages on ‘Trauma & PTSD’, the mechanism behind a panic attack is similar.

The tools I offer allow you to ‘Open your mind & break free’ from the limitations of your panic brain:

These following points give you simple techniques to use on your own as well as complement therapy sessions.

Learn   7/11 Breathing

About 60 % of attacks are accompanied by over-breathing (not enough CO2 in the blood)

If you can change your breathing, your body won’t be able to hyperventilate

For about 15 seconds, repeated few times, to prevent the dissipation of CO2 or

BREATH  IN and OUT of a paper bag.

Like going up and down stairs  or brisk walking... To dissipate the stress hormones accumulated n your blood & get out of Flight or Flight mode.

When you start to experience anxiety, you can learn to rate its intensity from 1 to 10 (1 being total relaxation and 10, full blown panic).

Ie: if you begin to feel uneasy, you could say to yourself ”I am on a 5/10”

By doing this, you are using the THINKING part of the brain, using numbers also involves the Neo-Cortex, which is not concerned with emotions but more with rational thinking.

You also go into the OBSERVING mode. You’re more outside the attack...observing it, diluting the emotional content.

The production of saliva is interpreted by the brain as a non-threatening situation!              

Alarm Stage

Get rid of Traumas, PTSD, phobias with this new Software using Eye Movement Desensitisation. One to one sessions to flush out traumatic memories, nightmares, flashbacks    

Panic attacks & anxiety disorders can be awful & leave you feeling totally out of control.

Anxiety could be termed a general sense of apprehension at a perceived threat.

Panic Attacks are similar but have specific beginning, middle and end.

Panic Attacks

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EFT- The Tapping Technique

Energy Re-Balancing

Visualisation- Hypnosis-NLP

Acupressure Massage

Breathing Technique Hold your Breath Take exercise The Scaling Technique You’re out of your mind! Simple ways to restore balance