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Phobias are often the result of a "one time learning"  where a single, highly emotional experience is processed very quickly. A part of the brain called the Amygdala (in the limbic system) perceives  a potential threat to your survival and activates the alarm response called Fight or Flight.

Often phobias are  seen as irrational. ..because they are! They have nothing to do with the thinking, rational part of the brain. A phobic response is  a survival mechanism 'gone wrong'.

Emotions originate from the primitive part of the brain, the limbic system, which is constantly on lookout for threats.

It monitors all stimuli prior to us even being aware of them.

However, if an emotion is  high, it will bypass the route to the neo cortex and activate, at the unconscious level, the alarm response of Fight, Flight or Freeze  (Ie: You panic!)

Which is why it seems to come out of the blue and be totally irrational..your thinking brain did not get a look in.

Your emotional brain, for your survival, will always err on the side of caution and tends to overdo things. Which is why the fear can spread into other areas...just to be sure!

Ie fear of lift that develops into fear of public transports, cars and then, not able to leave the home.

Because the neo cortex is not involved in the process, the event does not get an objective view, no other rational choices are available. You are stuck in black or white thinking, good or bad, dangerous or safe.

Eye Pattern Desensitisation, EFT, NLP, visualisation tools help get your thinking brain involved again, so you realise you are not in danger, they puts things back into perspective and tell your emotional brain to put its guard down.

Please read my pages on ‘Trauma & PTSD’, the mechanism behind a phobia is similar.

The tools I offer allow you to ‘Open your mind & break free’ from the limitations of your phobic brain:

The information that comes from our senses arrives up to half a second after the reality has been experienced unconsciously.

It is what happens in that half second that is important.

This info is , at enormous speed, compared to patterns already existing in the brain, from previous experiences. Then, the emotional brain decides if it’s threatening or not (compared to data already entered).

Only then this info is sent up, if necessary, to consciousness and to the rational brain.

‘Why do I feel the way I do?’ Over-doing it Solutions

EFT- The Tapping Technique

Energy Re-Balancing

Visualisation- Hypnosis-NLP

Acupressure Massage

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A phobia is a fear that is out of proportion to the situation.

Some are extreme reactions to evolutionarily fears: heights, sharp objects, insects...

Others often feel totally irrational, like being phobic of a particular colour. Some phobias are associated with a traumatic experience: being stuck in a lift or car but some sufferers have no idea where their extreme fear come from.

Fears & Phobias