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First, 3 testimonials from Christine’s offer of free treatments for  the Brighton M.E - Chronic Fatigue- Support Group:


Linda L.  

I was lucky enough to take up the offer of 3 free treatment sessions  with Christine Pirrie who is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in Worthing.

     The EFT sessions have helped me to start to bring to my consciousness emotions and events that have happened in the past which have been buried by the unconscious mind. I am still seeing Christine as a paying client as I was so impressed with EFT and energy work. Therefore, I can definitely recommend the technique to anyone who has emotional overtones to their CFS (who hasn’t!).

Christine is professional, empathetic and extremely skilled at teasing out emotions that have been buried for many years or months. This approach is definitely helping me to make progress in my recovery from CFS. (I have had the condition for 21 years and have tried many therapies). I now realise that much of my energy was and some still is going inwards (i.e. into what is going on in my head), and not outwards as there was none left for everyday life!

With Christine I am able to work at my own pace and she is very aware of the limitations that people with CFS have. I have purposely not gone into details of my own treatment as this is not appropriate, as it is confidential.

However, Christine is very pleased to talk to anyone who wants to find out more about EFT.



Maureen G.

At my first consultation with Christine  after taking my history, she explained the cellular structure of the body, its functions, relationship and needs.  Unlike the negative platitudes directed not only to the condition but to M.E. sufferers alike i.e. “there’s no cure for M.E.”, Christine spoke in a positive language with a refreshing approach i.e.  “there was plenty that she could do”, and more importantly, what she did say, made sense.  Firstly, Christine performed muscle testing to establish my current levels of energy outlining the results and affects on my body.  Christine identified blocks in areas of my body and immediately began working to clear them.  Christine coached me in energy re-balancing exercises arming me with a handout to aid me perform them daily at home.  It was quite overwhelming to meet someone who, not only wants to help, but who also firmly believes that she can.   After our first meeting I felt excited, encouraged and hopeful as Christine just may hold the key to unlocking this debilitating illness.   After just three sessions, I felt something begin to shift and I am continuing to use her techniques to restore my body back to good health.   It is rare to find a person so dedicated to her craft who displays a genuine concern for others and I know that with Christine’s help, I now have a future that I can look forward to.


Nina N.

I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity of three sessions with Christine Pirrie, after responding to the offer in the last newsletter. I was initially interested in finding out more about the “tapping” technique I had previously only seen a little of on Paul McKenna’s ‘I Can Make You Thin’ TV programs.

 I have learnt how to use this to reduce pain, anxiety, fear, anger and cravings - as well as to reduce the impact of past emotional events that were still taking up too much of my time and energy.  Additionally I have learnt energy re-balancing exercises to increase my energy, improve my concentration, help me think more clearly and strengthen my immune system.


The exercises are simple and only take a few minutes. They can be done sitting and Christine provides not only written instructions and diagrams, but also contact and support between sessions if any questions arise – essential for ‘brain-fog’!

 I have tried various therapies over the years in an effort to improve my CFS/ME, and although some have been helpful, this stands out. It’s not just going to have something done to you, but learning things you can use yourself, both between sessions and for the future.


I have really enjoyed my sessions and am full of enthusiasm for Energy Therapies.  I would recommend Christine to anyone.




Michael, Builder

After years of bad back,I now feel more comfortable all was really like a weight off  my shoulders, literally! I can now enjoy having my grandson around and even play football with him. Thanks Christine, I tell every one about you! You’ve changed my life.


Martin. Insomnia:

I  just was not able to switch off at night! I did not want to take any sleeping pills but did not know what else I could do. I saw your advert in my company’s newsletter and though: why not? The first couple of times I listened to your download, I was just curious to hear what you were saying!! But then I found myself falling asleep without even trying!! Now, I  only listen to it every so often when I’ve had a stressful day at work. I have given your site address to many of my colleagues!


Sam. Childhood trauma

Dear Christine,

I don’t know how to thank you. I had been carrying so much since childhood. I don’t know how I managed to get from day to day. I was too ashamed to ask for help.  I was wasting so much  time and energy  dwelling on the past, that I just could not see a future.  I did not really think you could help me that much in such a short time. I just wish I had known about you earlier. Thanks for everything.


Nadia. Classical dancer:

I just wanted to say thank you! I was so worried about my  exam....but it went so well, I had so many compliments about my performance! The Principal asked me into his office and  told me I am moving up to the next technique group! I felt so special! and it’s really thanks to your help. I really feel I have left behind those negative thoughts that were holding me back. I now know I can do it!     and I know that if I need anymore help, I definitely will contact you again.

Ashley. Self-esteem and confidence:

Hi Christine, I am not sure how you do it but you get down to the real  issues, even if that Energy stuff is a bit strange!!! All the things we did really made a difference and I can now see things in a different light!First time ever, I know where I am going with my life. Thanks for everything.



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